I have to be totally honest here – I hate talking about myself. What I hate even worse is talking about myself in the third person, but I guess that is how a professional bio is supposed to be done, so if that is your thing, go here and read my comprehensive professional bio.

If you’re a TL,DR kind of person, this one is for you: I always liked drawing, especially naked ladies and spaceships, usually getting in trouble for the former. I went to school to learn how to illustrate professionally, but somehow ended up coming out a graphic designer. This worked out ok as I’ve made a career out of it, working as an art director, creative director, and brand consultant for some big-time agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

All along I still continued to draw naked ladies and spaceships, sometimes still getting in trouble for it, but love it nonetheless. While this isn’t my main gig in life, it’s a nice part of it and as such, I continue to do it - sometimes for money, sometimes for fun - but always with passion.

Rule it up!