Angels on Approach

“Angel 6 to Coastal 59, Angel 2 and Angel 6 are inbound heavy with wounded and request immediate landing clearance.”

“You are clear for set down on deck 2 Angel 6 – we’re waving you in. Priority medical has been dispatched to the flight deck.”

Sent to investigate possible extra terrestrial activity in the remote Ascension Islands, the Marine squad set down at the tropical location and made their way towards the coordinates of the reported activity. As they neared the location, the squad’s electronic gear began to lose power. They were cut off from central command and each other.

Then they came under fire. Their plasma bolt rifles were powered off and only their traditional side arms remained functional. Marines were dropping left and right from an unseen enemy. The squad leader called for retreat and the Marines made for the rally point with what wounded they could carry. Bloodied and bruised from an unseen enemy, the Marine squad had been cut in half by weapons and tactics they’d never seen before.

As they made lift off, they knew they couldn’t return to base in time for the wounded and changed course for Coastal Station 59, a Naval supply post in the middle of the Atlantic. As they bounced their way through the notoriously stormy Atlantic weather, they had no idea what had just happened, but there was one thing they did know – The others were here and they were not coming in peace. The world had just changed forever.