Jacob Charles Dietz is an internationally published artist and illustrator working in both traditional and digital mediums. His work primarily encompasses future noir and science fiction themes with much of it leaning on the darker, grittier side of things. Bridging the gap between the now and the then, Jacob’s work is constructed with layer upon layer of detail and almost always includes elements of the 21st century making even the most foreign of places seem strangely familiar.

His illustrations have appeared on various book covers, posters and products, in both small and big screen productions as well as in numerous magazines and newspapers worldwide. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jacob now makes his home in the Sonoran desert, far away from the gray skies and soggy streets of Seattle. His work is most definitely influenced by his years in the eclectic Seattle art scene and this is reflected in his flexible, but unmistakable style.

He attended the University of Washington before dropping out in favor of a small fine arts finishing school housed in an old hat factory in downtown Seattle. He trained extensively in the art of traditional illustration while exploring multiple avenues in the fine arts before making a go at painting for a living.



After several years and a solid gallery following, Jacob began illustrating full time and made the jump to working digitally. To this day he continues to leverage traditional mediums in his digital work citing his love for the organic, painterly styles of years gone by.  Jacob lives with his wife in Phoenix, Arizona, their young son Henry Charles and a one-eared. seven-toothed cat named Snow Biscuits. He has a ridiculous collection of Star Wars toys that he still manages to store at his parents house, though he dreads the day they send him a bill for years of back storage.