Nangarhar Province

Chris Locke (DzFire) was kind enough to share an advance copy of his killer LG07 WOLF Mech, so I did my usual Vue conversion and rigging and then gave it a go! This near future piece depicts a peacekeeper getting intel from a friendly in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

The Small Hours

A glimpse into a dystopian future, sometime in the wee hours of the morning when few souls are out and about.

Another Day (Crash on Vaal)

During the Battle of Yavin, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 was sent spinning out of control. The Sith Lord fled the impending destruction of the Death Star by making a hyperspace jump to planet Vaal, only to collide with asteroids in the planet’s orbit before crash landing on the surface. Obviously, he survived and lived to fight another day, though …

Survey Team (Europa Mission)

Not much to say about this one… was just playing around and in kind of a classical sci-fi mood, so there you have it 🙂

Hunt for Starkiller

“Starkiller,” originally designated as Subject 1138, was the codename given to a clone of the late Galen Marek, the secret apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader and founder of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Vader hired Boba Fett to locate the rogue clone…


I love doing urban sci-fi, but have been buried lately with no time to do it, so I tried squeezing a little in here and there to try and pull a new piece together. This scene depicts an assassin quietly making his exit after doing his thing…

Safe House on Gethen

Feel free to make up your own story around this one… I just created a cold, desolate place and someone came to visit 🙂