“The tip led me to Burrago Street and sure as shit, he was there. Peddling egg flower soup from a street cart, Mario Montejo looked like just another average Joe trying to make a buck. But he had a secret – he was a rogue unit marked for retirement. Having eluded the squad for nearly a year now, you could say he was good… that or he knew he had something to lose. Between tired passes of the windshield wipers I eyed him like a hawk as I got ever closer. He was mine. Stopping not six feet away, I lit him up as I jumped out, service weapon in hand, but he had just as quickly ducked into the crowd. I was ready to play chase, but there was no one there. Like a ghost, he was gone before my boots hit the street. Mario Montejo had once again slipped into the shadows only to continue living a life long expired.”

At one point in time I had experimented with doing some Blade Runner fanfic by way of an illustrated children’s book type format and the little excerpt above is from some of the mediocre writing I had done on it. The story was placed just a few years after the replicant uprising and centered around a female Blade Runner. This particular image was partially inspired by that storyline and a general love for the future noir world portrayed in the film.