Monday Morning

Far from her spacious apartment on the edge of uptown, the assassin waits on a ledge of a building high above the warehouse district. She waits for her prey. A powerful man with a very high price on his head. Takeshi Kitano – president and CEO of Kaimei Weapon Systems, Ltd.

Hidden behind a thin veil of steam and the morning traffic along the Coal Creek Skyway, she’s been eying the private landing pad on the west side of Kaimei Tower awaiting Mr. Kitano’s incoming shuttle for two hours now. He typically arrives between 8:30 and 9:45 each morning, exits the shuttle with his security detail and makes the 1.5 meter walk between the shuttle door and the entrance to the executive offices.

With such a small window, 750 meters and numerous variables between her position and the target, many assassins would call this kill impossible at best. This professional however has no worries and has guaranteed her client that Mr. Kitano won’t complete his short walk this morning.