New Economic Block


As of 2078, the New Economic Block (NEB) was locked in a bitter civil war with the Alliance, a group of former mining and science personnel over the mining rights to planet Sirius 6B. Grab this official NEB mining crew shirt and look the part as you regale with tales of mining and battles in a far off star system. Or, for those more rooted in reality, just let people know you’re a fan of Screamers, one of sci-fi’s most underrating movies and another fabulous Philip K. Dick story. This vintage style NEB T features an authentic looking screen print look imprint with plenty of wear and tear to help it look the part.




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Made_In_USA-100x82This genuine American Apparel 2001 fine jersey short sleeve t-shirt is quite possibly the smoothest and softest t-shirt you’ll ever wear. Made of fine jersey and double stitched, it has a durable, vintage feel. This classic-cut design is known for it’s premium quality, as well as ability to stand up to a washing machine (will maintain size and color after many washes). The best part? It’s made in the USA and 100% sweatshop free.

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