Return to Base

“There’s a few survivors, should we round them up?”
“Nah, being this far out, they’ll be popsicles when night falls. That’s the last of the walkers, so I say we call it a day and return to base.”

I ran across an old Bryce render of this composition today and started post-working it a bit to maybe make something out of it. After really looking at it I figured I could redo it in Vue using some better models than the original and maybe get a decent image out of it. Anyway, I’ve always like the idea of a different outcome of the battle of Hoth and I guess this is the end of that version, with the Rebels getting the upper hand and maintaining control of the planet. Everything was rendered in a single Vue scene, though the trooper’s tunics were painted in after the fact in Photoshop as I just couldn’t get the modeled ones to look the way I wanted them to.