Station 25

2037, somewhere in the South Pacific sits NGE Station 25 – a completely self-contained natural gas extraction and processing facility. Sitting on the edge of Pili Lani crater, Station 25 rises a full 178.5-feet above sea level with the better part of the structure residing 800-feet below the surface. Powered by the very resource that the facility is designed to extract and process, Station 25 has a full-time, live-in crew of 195 and features water desalination, power generation, recreation facilities and comprehensive recycling systems. Many similar facilities have come to dot the world’s surface after the last of the petroleum reserves dried up in 2020 and man began digging deeper for alternative (and available) energy sources. The natural gas that is extracted and processed at Station 25 is pumped back to the mainland fuel docks over a 3,000 mile pipeline that runs along the sea floor.