Tactical Squad Alpha: Bahiyy al Din’s Secret

After gaining entrance to terror leader Bahiyy al Din’s purported hideout, Tactical Squad Alpha cleared the building, but didn’t exactly come up empty handed. A secondary sweep turned up a hidden passageway leading to an extensive underground complex. Clearing floors 1-19 of the secret, underground facility without a single encounter, the team descended to level 20. While the complex seemed to be fully operational, it appeared to have been recently vacated with computers up and running, desk lamps lit and numerous biological experiments in various states of completion. As the team leader broke off to clear a large room at the back of the laboratory floor, two humanoid creatures emerged from the darkness and were on him before he could even react. They were like great white sharks on two legs and seemed to have one agenda – to kill. Was this Bahiyy al Din’s new secret weapon? Were there more of them or …?

I’ve always rendered my stuff entirely in Vue, but I thought I’d try something different this time around and rendered the figures for this scene directly in Poser. The environment was still lit and rendered inside of Vue, but needless to say, I’m seriously impressed with Poser’s output 😉