The Courier

“With her best friend on point and her weapon of choice at the ready, the courier prepares to make her way down the narrow passage into the city.”

The Courier is a scene from some time in the not too distant future. The seas have risen, the levees have failed and dry land is nothing but a memory. As the water went higher, so too did the cities. Built on the decrepit backs of 20th century architecture, the new cities are a complex maze of water processing facilities, natural gas fired power plants and high-density domiciles. While a small segment of the population has taken to the skies in grav-drive vehicles and live in palatial condos in the clouds, the vast majority live at sea level where they are constantly reminded that everything runs down hill.

Traveling the heavily polluted waterways from city to city, couriers make deliveries in some of the most dangerous of zones imaginable. They don’t care what the cargo is, who wants it delivered or who it gets delivered to. They get their fees paid up front and since they guarantee delivery at any cost, they are paid handsomely for their services.

File info: The original image was rendered in Vue 6 Infinite at 6000px wide, broadcast quality in 3 separate renders – the base structures, the mid-point details and then the foreground figures – all of which were then composited and further detailed in Photoshop CS3. The atmospheric colors and tone are all courtesy of Vue with no color correction done in post. Thanks for looking 🙂