The Maze

“ There’s something I’d like you to try. It’s a game; a secret. It’s called, The Maze. ”

– Arnold Weber

The Maze is both a symbol that is seen everywhere in Westworld and throughout the history of the park, and a representation of Arnold’s theory of creating consciousness.

The Man in Black convinced himself that this is a narrative that Arnold Weber wrote for guests. However, he was mistaken because the maze is not a narrative for guests. This maze symbol is seen throughout the park: on a tarot card, on a branding iron, plowed into a field, drawn into the ground, on coffins and a table top, and inside the scalp of the Indian, Kissy.

Arnold modeled his theory of creating consciousness on his child’s ball-in-a-maze game. Arnold told Dolores that The Maze was a secret “game” for her. Dolores is ‘led’ along on her path to consciousness by the voice of Arnold.

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