With his roots in the fine arts, Jacob's work is a combination of both traditional and digital mediums. Most all of his illustrations are 3D-based, but what gives them a different look is his extensive use of hand-painted textures and real-world materials which takes otherwise crisp and clean CG scenes and gives them realistic grungy feeling not found in most pure digital work. This includes hunting down and photographing specific high-res texture resources, scanning flat materials like cardboards and papers and then of course, picking up a brush and laying acrylics and inks down to create his signature washes and grime layers.

Jacob is a life-long Mac user and uses Mac's exclusively in the creation of his work. While prior workstation incarnations included loaded-for-bear MacPro towers with excessive amounts of RAM and hot-rodded video cards, in recent years he's simplified things, running a single 15" MacBook Pro. Of course, in the event that a project requires 64GB of RAM and 8x Xeon processors, his MacPro tower stands at the ready to crunch pixels. 90% of his work is done with a traditional two-button Logitech MX Wireless mouse, he also utilizes a 12.9" iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo when super organic strokes are needed on the fly or additional line work needs to be added to a scanned drawing.


On the software side of things, Jacob runs a wide range of apps. For post-work, typesetting and vector design, he runs Adobe Creative Suite's Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. His 3D scenes are set up and rendered using E-on Software's Vue 3D application and uses SmithMicro's Poser and Daz 3D's Daz Studio for character development and posing. Modelling is primarily done in Cheetah3D, but he also uses Sketchup and TinkerCad as required.

Image Capture
To grab real-world textures and found grunge, he uses an old Nikon D5100 kit on purposeful hunts and his iPhone 7 Plus when something cool crosses his path. Flat objects best handled via scanner are captured using an HP multifunction unit with glass scanner bed.