Tactical Squad Alpha: Bahiyy al Din’s Secret

After gaining entrance to terror leader Bahiyy al Din’s purported hideout, Tactical Squad Alpha cleared the building, but didn’t exactly come up empty handed. A secondary sweep turned up a hidden passageway leading to an extensive underground complex. Clearing floors 1-19 of the secret, underground facility without a single encounter, the team descended to level 20. While the complex seemed …

The Courier

“With her best friend on point and her weapon of choice at the ready, the courier prepares to make her way down the narrow passage into the city.” The Courier is a scene from some time in the not too distant future. The seas have risen, the levees have failed and dry land is nothing but a memory. As the …

Tactical Squad Alpha: Extraction of Bahiyy al Din

When the local police got a tip that known terror leader, Bahiyy al Din, had surfaced stateside and was working out of an old warehouse down by the docks, the locals shut down the area and called in Tactical Squad Alpha, a black ops police unit. When the baddest of the bad are hold up in some of the worst …

Parking Enforcement

Sometime around 2020 with parking at an all-time premium, enforcement officers are issued firearms after several ‘incidents’, making this new breed of parking enforcement officers a far cry from the meter maids of years gone by.

Dust Storm

Dust Storm places the viewer at the end of a dramatic exit corridor in a large spacecraft shortly after landing. As the atmospheric seal is broken and doors slide open, the tumultuous environment of this harsh, desert planet is revealed before the occupant steps out at his destination.


“I was about to slip away with the score of a lifetime and then I woke up in this place. I’ve been in worse situations and will get out of this one, though it may just take a while.” You win some. You lose some – This is the life of a pirate on the new frontier. Captive reflects the …

ZH-120 Heavy Bomber

A little different from the stuff I usually do, I was working on a line of these on the ground and decided that I really wanted to see one in the air. It’s a futuristic, fast attack, heavy bomber. Made in Japan by HCS (Hitachi Combat Systems) for the U.N. Airforce, the ZH-120 is a heavy bomber that is capable …

A Quiet Night at Home

While there are lots of future cityscapes out there, I hadn’t seen many shots of them from an interior perspective. With A Quiet Night at Home, I was hoping to accomplish this with a little contrast by placing a bustling, Dystopian city just outside the window of a modern, high-rise penthouse. With the light from the strip, the neon signs …

23rd & Cherry

While the future may bring flying cars and a shot that cures cancer, there will always be the dark side of town where the miscreants and the hoodrats reside. 23rd & Cherry depicts a random corner in the bad neighborhood where everyone has an agenda and is therefore something that is typically not exactly legal.

Return to New Seattle

As the Earth grows increasingly less inhabitable, major cities are transplanted to new, more inhabitable planets and rebuilt to maintain much of the original’s charm. This glimpse at Seattle in the distant future is several hundred light years from it’s Earth origins, but even in it’s infancy, it already feels like home.