The Lost Ones

While they’ve seen better days, these lost souls still have each other.

The Swimming Hole

Finding a quiet place to take a dip and relax inside the massive city walls is no small feat. During the humid days of Summer, those that are in the know sneak away to the old water treatment plant in the Upper Eastside. Following the access tunnels from level 30 to the hundreds of freshwater ponds at roof level, stepping …

Return to Base

“There’s a few survivors, should we round them up?” “Nah, being this far out, they’ll be popsicles when night falls. That’s the last of the walkers, so I say we call it a day and return to base.” I ran across an old Bryce render of this composition today and started post-working it a bit to maybe make something out …

Atmosphere Generator (Baywatch)

Dotting the circumference of the Earth, the mighty generator stations work day and night to replenish the planets dying atmosphere. Only in operation for a decade now, it appears that these GreenFusion powered stations are keeping up with the rate of depletion and eventually will provide the planet’s entire atmosphere. In case you didn’t notice it, the atmosphere generator is …


Just a simple snapshot of a guy that’s been crawling around the floor and working on his ride all night. Of course turning wrenches goes better with beer, so he’s been doing some of that as well 😉