Welcome to Alpha Station

Nothing much to say about this one. I was really just playing around with material settings and DOF in Vue and ended up liking the result, so here it is 😉 For those that are wondering, the environment I’m using on this one is the Saros 7 Holodeck and Projection set from DAZ which is a great option for your …

Reconnaissance Mission

After seeing increased imperial activity in the Kathol Sector, the Rebel Alliance was able to track them back to a newly constructed base in canyon territories of Aaris III. A single recon scout was sent in to acquire detailed information on the new installation and report back to base. While at first glance this seemed like a typical imperial ground …

Terra Macchina

Terra Macchina depicts one of the seemingly endless alleyways found in the Dystopia universe. Along these narrow alley streets, small redlight districts have cropped up over the years where whatever one might be looking for can easily be found, including trouble. In this shot, a woman isn’t having much luck getting a ride as a lone taxi passes her up… …

Private Dancer

I’ve always had a fondness for Twi’leks and had started this one some time ago, only to dig it out this week and wrap it up. The original was done as a nude and I decided to add a her clothing at the last minute.

Homeland Security

Outside the massive city walls, special police detachments patrol the expansive red zone – a heavily monitored field of concrete extending from the city limits to the lawless badlands between cities. The red zone wraps the entire perimeter of the city and signs warn those who approach that all who enter will be met with deadly force. Of course riding …

DDK 39

Here is another one that’s been resurrected from my 80% complete folder – a USN fast attack hunter killer unit. I’ve always liked the idea of these massive, flying naval vessels, though despite what one would assume are some pretty advanced positioning systems, I still insist on having them tied off at dock with traditional ropes 😉

The Industrial District

I know, another girl at a rail looking off into space. Ok, in this case she is standing on the outermost edge of the financial district and looking over the nearly boundless Dystopia industrial district.