I’ve had a Coruscant scene on the backburner for a while now and when Stonemason’s SkyDeck was released the other day, the design seemed like a pretty natural fit and I picked it up again. The original was a rather expansive, busy city scene more akin to the movie views, but this one morphed itself into something a little more …

Urban Jungle 2

Urban Jungle 2 is another selection of low-poly, illuminated signs to add some eclectic detail and interest to your urban renders. This set uses various levels of illumination and includes some ‘burned out’ bulbs and neon sections for increased realism. Like Urban Jungle 1, this set is also available at C3D. Thanks for looking!

6am, Alvarado Street

Just a snapshot from the wrong side of the tracks as a couple of early morning grav trains pass through the heart of the city…


Not my usual fare to say the least, but sometimes you just have to do something totally different to keep yourself sane 🙂