Delivery Girl

This is an old one from the pile of unfinished projects I’ve managed to accumulate and while it’s not in my normal style, I decided to crack it open and wrap it up… I know the name is less than inspired, but at least I can call it done, right? Now I just wish she was my FedEx person 😉

Seek and Destroy

It’s 2053 and World War III is in full swing. As heavy bombers make another pass on the city center, the United Colonial Marine strike teams prepare to step out of the shadows and move on the city from all sides …with any luck this will crush the insurgency for good.

New Arrival

No real concept to this one, just playing with HDRI lighting and making my Mac sweat a bit 😉

Last Exit

I was feeling kind of apocalyptic this week and this one just kind of came together. I’m not sure what the backstory is, but I do know I would definitely think twice about making a run at this checkpoint 😉