The Office

This one was originally framed up a while back as a much larger scene depicting sort of hacker droid shop of sorts with a bunch of decommissioned Drone Troopers being refitted for who knows what. After a hiatus I picked it up again I added the Dystopia Office Pack set to build out the little office area and it became …

End of the Day

I was trying to get a candid snapshot thing happening here, though I’m not fully convinced I accomplished that. All intentions aside, this mech pilot and her droid are heading back to dispatch after completing a long shift on patrol in their spider mech… I guess it must get hot in that cockpit 😉


This one was originally completed a while back with a totally different bike, but after Jerome A’s JetBike was released, I had to go back and swap it in as it was clearly the superior ride. And yes, I cheesed out on the title as I couldn’t think of anything better at the moment 🙂

The Last Road

This one was a simple Akira movie poster for use in another piece, but I ended up liking it on it’s own… maybe it’s Kaneda’s James Dean stance? Nonetheless, I ended up fleshing it out a little more and made it into a fake issue #39. Nothing here is canon, just a fun tribute to a great series.