Mission Accomplished

And now for something totally different: Not sure how this one came to be, so I guess we’ll just attribute it to me playing around. I wanted her to have a subtle look of ‘who’s next’ as she stood on the shoreline… if her expression didn’t make that happen, I think the 45″ spear gun does the trick 😉

Graveyard Shift

This is yet another one from the unfinished bin that I dusted off and am calling done. I think when I started this one I was thinking about those times working at some ungodly hour in the middle of nowhere and wishing I was somewhere warm and dry. Of course I can only imagine the overnight shift high atop a …

Chasma Ophir

Sometimes you need to find a nice, quiet location to conduct those high-level meetings and it doesn’t get much quieter than the flats of Chasma Ophir. Without a soul for miles and only the hum of the moisture vaporators and the occasional dust storm to break the silence, it’s about the only place you can do a face to face …


Nothing too serious with this one, just a couple of pretty young Starfleet cadets striking a pose in the main courtyard. At first I had them smiling, but they looked a little too approachable… who knows, maybe it’s a shoot for the new academy uniform catalog? 😉

Nya Furontia

This is another one of those old ones that I decided to dust off and finish. Originally started as an animation project, I only got about half of the elements stitched together in After Effects before bailing on it, so here it is as a completed still image. Lots of stuff from Team Dystopia in this one, including their freebie …