Breeder (Chasing the Hybrid)

I guess I was in the mood for something in the sci-fi/horror genre. Happy Halloween? Really there’s not much to say about this one, but my guess is this individual didn’t exactly volunteer for this project. Inspiration comes from one of Jim Duvall’s binding photos, so -5 points for originality.


“The tip led me to Burrago Street and sure as shit, he was there. Peddling egg flower soup from a street cart, Mario Montejo looked like just another average Joe trying to make a buck. But he had a secret – he was a rogue unit marked for retirement. Having eluded the squad for nearly a year now, you could …

Pacifica Station

I guess I’m still playing in the water or at least that’s how this came to be…

Urban Angel (Suzume No Namida)

Angel or devil, it’s just another lonely day for a girl making her way in the big city. This piece was created for display at the 2009 Macworld Expo in San Francisco.