The Arrival

This one started out with a matte painting commission that I did a while back and ended up not being used in the client’s production.

Last Gas

I started this with the intention of doing a limited edition holiday print for my clients, but being the procrastinator that I am, I just finished it today… I guess will be sending them a holiday email instead which basically says “I was too busy doing other stuff to think about getting a cool holiday mailing out, so you’re an …

Auld Lang Syne

Figured as long as I was in the holiday mood, I might I well cover New Years as well… here’s to a great 2010!

Order of the Blackguards

Obviously another take on the Wonderland theme and the title is lifted from a Voivod song, so another -5 points for originality. I wanted something that was both a little surreal in the spirit of Wonderland and a bit scary and faceless, so maybe it’s a Dystopian Wonderland?


Just a quickie to say happy new year to all and welcome to 2009.