I don’t always do fantasy work, but when I do, Castle Grayskull is involved 🙂


I started playing Legos with Rodluc’s wonderful Naboo buildings a few weeks ago and eventually rendered this one out. Obviously not quite canon, but it was a fun one to play around with…

Homecoming (Highlands Return)

Another fantasy-ish piece. While Homecoming sounds a little dramatic, she could just be getting a pizza delivered, so don’t read too much into it…


Channeling my inner Frazetta on a rare incursion into the fantasy genre.

Witch’s Rock

Nobody knows when that old house was built or how long she’s lived there, but just in case the rumors are true, everyone stays away and leaves her be…


I love the idea of those really remote, hard to get to places and this monastery is an example of such a place. I’d like to think this remote rock stack is the only piece of dry land on the entire planet, though the majority of the monastery complex resides far beneath the surface.

Gatekeeper (Face the Slayer)

“The slayer steps into the factory hall and finds herself face to face with the ominous gatekeeper. Despite the uneven odds, she instinctively draws her pistols, though her adversary stands motionless. His stoic silence allows her the rare luxury of surveying the environment before making the next move. One way or another, she’s determined to pass and knows it won’t …

Big Game

I started this one yesterday, mainly as I just wanted to play with DzFire’s slick ESCoRT RECON rig and as per usual, it kind of ended up morphing into something other than what I originally had in mind.


My apologies for the underwhelming title, but I had nothing and it just seemed to make the most sense. Breakdown is the result of some playing around on a Saturday afternoon.