What, you thought the Winchester brothers are who kept the vampire population in check?


Who doesn’t love Resident Evil’s bad-ass leading lady?


Boo! Everyone has heard that sound in the dark …sometimes it’s just best not to look. I created this one as a personal promotional piece and while the above is the full scene, I’ve included a copy of the actual promo piece which is a well used version of the young man’s Tales From The Crypt comic book.


“I would have gotten away with my zombie apocalypse if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!” It’s sort of a Scooby Doo meets Resident Evil kinda thing starring my personal favorite SD character, Velma and of course, Scooby freakin’ Doo. I always figured that when the shit went down Velma would come out on top. I personally have no …

Malibu Zombie

Just a little character study I was working on …sexy zombie girl? Why not?

Breeder (Chasing the Hybrid)

I guess I was in the mood for something in the sci-fi/horror genre. Happy Halloween? Really there’s not much to say about this one, but my guess is this individual didn’t exactly volunteer for this project. Inspiration comes from one of Jim Duvall’s binding photos, so -5 points for originality.