Project Terminated

Sent by the company to the remote research station on a mission to shut down the project, the assassin slipped silently into the facility knowing exactly what she had to do. She made her way to the small lab area where the illegal genome splicing was being conducted and waited in the shadows for the lone scientist to return. 45-minutes passed and then he walked into the room. Raising her weapon, she placed a single bullet into the back of the scientist’s head, bringing him to his knees. As he gasped for air, she moved in and placed another round into his head at point blank range.

Reaching over to the main computer terminal, she initiates a cleanse sequence to destroy all of the data. A single button is pushed on her satphone which was answered with a simple “yes?” She replies with “project terminated” and closes the channel. With the job a success, she gathers her thoughts and wonders why she has chosen this life or whether it has chosen her. She knows thoughts like these are for the weak and quickly gets out of her head before setting the charges that will erase this place from the face of the planet.